From 40,--


Full Color                       

From € 55,--


Ammonia-free color Roots/Toner

From 47,50


Ammonia-free color Full Color

From 62,50



Foils (per foil)     

From € 3,--


Highlights/ Lowlights full head (40 foils)     

From € 120,--



From 75,--


Toner i.c.w. balayage or highlights

From € 20,--


Color mask i.c.w. other services

From  € 5,--


Color treatments include wash, mask and a simple blowdry.




Ladies wash, cut and simple blowdry                                                 

From € 35--


Ladies wash, cut, deluxe blowdry and styling                                

From € 45--


Ladies new style / big change            

From € 55,--




From € 27.50,--


Buzz cut                          

From € 12.50,--


Kids (till 12 years)                                 

From € 17,50


Treatments and styling


Wash and simple blowdry:                                           

From € 22,50


Wash, deluxe blowdry and styling:     

From € 32,50



From € 35,-


Hair Spa


Treatment with Biolage natural products based on your hair type,

revives and restores hair. Wash, mask, treatment and simple blowdry

From  € 40,50


Botugen treatment (shampoo, intensive reconstructor, mask and simple blowdry)

From  € 38,--

Fiber Fix treatment (reconstructive bonding treatment) 2-steps i.c.w. color treatment

From  € 25,--


Biolage products i.c.w. other services

From  € 5,--



The price of our treatments depends on your wishes and the thickness and length of your hair.


Students will receive 15% discount on all treatments, not valid in combination with other promotions.


All mentioned prices are with a proviso of changes and typ errors